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PC: Monica Kvaale

I’m a photographer. I work with various kinds of portraiture work, and commercial, documentary, and branded content.

Working with the visual mediums has always been that thing in the back of my mind that I wanted to do for a living my entire life. At some points early in my work life I even took the first steps of beginning that journey by buying a camera, but it never came to fruition. My first dabblings with a camera started in my youth with disposable cameras. I remember them often being present at parties and gatherings and taking pictures with them was how I coped through social events. In high school I borrowed an SLR Canon and shot many films with that. With the earnings of my first job and as a way to document my travels I bought my first digital camera, and since then, a digital camera has always been in my possession. The plan of making it into a living didn’t actually take form till my late twenties. Now, creating content with my camera is all that consumes me. If I’m not actively working on creating something, I am definitely crunching out thoughts in my head for the next idea, and those bounce all over the place.



Harper & Brooks

Roma Den Lille Brusfabrikken

The Oslo Company




MUSH Synnfjell

Daniel Wellington


Cake it easy

They Came


+ various private clients

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